Best Aviation and Air Hostess Colleges in Kenya


Which are the best aviation and air hostess colleges in Kenya?

Working in the airline industry draws not only respect but also huge salaries. There are several aviation colleges in Kenya where you can undergo training in piloting, customer care as well as air hostess.

There are a total of 19 aviation colleges approved to train aviation related courses, they include:

East African School of Aviation

  1. Kenya School of Flying
  2. Ninety Nine Flying Club
  3. Sicham Aviation College
  4. Skylink Flight Services Limited
  5. West Rift Aviation Limited
  6. Capital Connect Supplies Limited
  7. Moi University School of Aerospace and Sciences
  8. Standard Aviation Limited
  9. Flight Training Centre
  10. Ninety Nine Flying School
  11. Pro-Active Air Services
  12. Aero-Link Training Centre
  13. Skymax Aviation Limited
  14. Aerosafe African Consultants
  15. Valentine Air Services
  16. Skyone Aviation Limited
  17. Nairobi Flight Training
  18. Mombasa Aviation Training Institute

The colleges listed above are credible and offer the best training. They are also accredited by the Kenyan government, meaning that the certificates issued by the respective training colleges are genuine.

Most of the colleges listed above are located at Wilson Airport,Nairobi while the rest are scattered across the country.