Maina Kageni Salary-He Earns More Than The President



Maina Kageni is no doubt the highest paid journalist and radio presenter in Kenya. His salary, which we are about to reveal, is almost twice the salary of the Kenyan President.

The Classic FM presenter threatened to quit the station last year, prompting the management to review his salary upwards. Before his pay was reviewed, Maina used to receive Ksh1.2M-Ksh 1.5M, which he thought was too little compared to what he brings to the company.

Later, his salary was almost doubled, pushing his perks to Ksh 1.5M-Ksh 2.1M.This salary is, however, subjected to taxation. After the 30 % tax, he pockets more than Ksh 1 million.

On top of the salary, Maina draws bonuses for each sale-the bonuses amounts to millions.

His salary has enabled him to live comfortable live, owning top of the range cars and living life in the first lane-he lacks nothing except a wife.

President Uhuru Kenyatta earns Ksh 1,750,000 per month, according to Salaries and Renumeration Commission. This salary is similar to what Maina earns.

Now, this is where talent pays more than hard work.