Wahu and Nameless Will divorce Soon, Their Marriage is Dead. See Shocking Details



elizabeth irunguElizabeth Irungu, former KBC presenter has declared Nameless and Wahu will divorce soon. The petite girl had early predicted that Betty and Okari could divorce, which came to pass. She therefore believes her mouth is as predictable as an owl.

Through a Facebook post, Irungu declared that Prezzo and Michelle Yola will go far but assured Kenyans that soon the marriage between Nameless and Wahu will crumble.

See her long Facebook post:

    “My best Kenyan couple! Michelle Yola and her man Prezzo (El presidente) :-* I admire these two together wanakaa a’ajab aki woiyee,look at them-so sweet! God bless you guys! Mna suit tu sana! MashAllah! I can just tell they are both kind hearted people,i just know it in my heart! Sijui vile najua yet i’ve never met either of them but najua tu! Prezzo made the right choice in this little petite hottie! She’s not only a cute lady but akona tabia poa na roho poa pia! I just feel it! I gat good instincts u know! ? I have a gift yenye me hujua tu vitu thru feeling them and 90’something % of the time i turn out to be RIGHT! Huyu ni msichana mzuri sana! Wish u guys the best.”

“..The whole world knows that’s a long time DEAD relationship”

‘Whose your best Kenyan couple? Post a pic and please don’t say Nameless & Wahu *rolling my eyes* the whole world knows that’s a long time DEAD relationship just for showbiz and for appearances! I can just tell Nameless & Wahu are so over one another hata siwezi kuwa surprised if they sleep in separate bedrooms kwao!!! I know trouble in paradise when i see it!

    “Kama tu vile nili predict Lillian-Muli and Mr.Kanene are a FAKE relationship and within no time she had dropped his last name & moved out,see? I told u! Ingine ni Dennis Okari na Betty Kyalo! Saw that break-up coming from miles away! Relationship ya “koshumekia shumekia adoh” (go figure lol) nilijua tu hii ya Betty Kyalo hakuna mahali inaenda! Sorry to be so blunt guys!.”