Woman Gives Birth to a Pair of Slippers (photos)



slippersA Nigerian woman has given birth to a pair of bathroom slippers after carrying the pregnancy for 9 months.

Amina Usman gave birth to a pair of bathroom slippers at the Azare general hospital. Mrs Usman, who is married to Mallam Usman Abubakar was said to have complained of severe abdominal pains when she was rushed to the said hospital.

The principal nursing officer on duty who attended to Mrs Usman, Ahmad Yaro said that there was nothing so serious about it, and prescribing only paracetamol for her. After sometime, they were told to go home and come back the following day to see the doctor. Few minutes later, his attention was called that Amina had been delivered of a pair of slippers.

The mother of the woman who delivered a pair of slippers, Aishatu Mohammad said few minutes after the injection, a slippers dropped. The principal nursing officer said he was called to the corridor to see her patient who had delivered a par of slippers. He continued by saying Mrs Usman did not have any sign or history of pregnancy from home. Mrs Usman is however still admitted at the hospital