African Countries With the Most Romantic Men



When it comes to dating and marriage, a romantic man is necessary. Africa has a total of 54 countries but out this, only a handful have men who are romantic, according to latest research.

A romantic man is one who feels and know what a woman wants, treats her like a queen, takes her for romantic treats, respect her dignity and also provide everything that can make her happy.

Below are African countries with the most romantic men


Nigerian men know how to treat women. Their humour, swag, generosity and intelligence is all that a woman needs.

Women in Africa scramble for these men, they know a Nigerian man won’t disappoint.


Ghana is another country with not only handsome but also romantic men. These guys know how to win a woman, keep her and make her feel the world is revolving around her.

To marry a Ghanian man is a blessing

South Africa

Despite being polygamists, South Africa has very romantic men. Every woman wants a piece of this man because of the anticipated treatment.

Romantic is another word for a South African man-which you can feel if your ever doubt this.


Liberia is among the countries with the most handsome men in Africa. Ranked first, Liberian men are both good in bed and have the looks every woman desires.


Ethiopian men never disappoint when it comes to romance. These men know how to treat not only their girlfriends but also women folk.

Ethiopia has the most handsome men in East Africa


Tanzania also appears in the list of countries with the most handsome men. Tanzanian men are not only polite but also sweet in bed.


If there is a country in east Africa where women should flock to harvest men then it’s Rwanda. These men are extremely romantic and handsome as well.


Closing the list of the most romantic men in Africa is Eritrea. These men are not only hot but also sweet to have. Own one today and you won’t regret forever.