Best Masters in Education Specialization in Kenya



Masters in Education is the best course for primary as well as high school teachers. In order to get a promotion, you have to upgrade your studies, and in this process, the field of specialization plays a big role in your career.

There are a total of 6 areas of specialization in Education, where each area attracts its subjects. The best area is one that can sell you beyond classroom .And below are the best Masters in Education specialization in Kenya.

M.Ed. Educational Technology

Master of Education Technology is the best education specialization for teachers who want to have a grasp in technological advancements. The course, offered at the University of Nairobi, is one of the most marketable in Kenya since technology is being adopted in every sector of economy.

M.Ed. Early Childhood

The Master of Education in Early Childhood will enable students to pursue their dreams of working with the young, and educating the new generations. fants and toddlers experience life more holistically than any other age groupSocial, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical lessons are not learned separately by very young children. Adults who are most helpful to young children interact in ways that understand that the child is learning from the whole experience, not just that part of the experience to which the adult gives attention.

This masters specialization is good for primary school teachers as well as high school teachers who strive to work at children’s homes and humanitarian organizations.

For your information, humanitarian organizations pay three times the average salary of a high school teacher.

M.Ed. Project Planning and Management

I would encourage any teacher who wants to test big money, work beyond classroom and manage projects to specialize in project planning management.

This is a course that is pursued by even engineers, where students are trained all aspects of project management from inception to completion. The course is not only marketable but also highly rewarding.

Master of Curriculum and Instruction

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction is a good specialization for students aiming at working at the ministry of education or institute of curriculum development. It is also ideal for getting a promotion at work since at the end of coursework you would have learnt all aspects of education and policy on the Kenyan education system.