Why pursuing a university degree in Kenya is useless nowadays-See how many Kenyans are jobless



I remember a time when in a village, degree holders could be identified. But it has reached a time where degree holders command respect no more. It’s so useless to pursue a degree in Kenya today as several graduates still remain jobless and desperate.

As more and more universities emerge, so does the number of degree holders. The job market is becoming slim by day, but the number of graduates is swelling. These dynamics have led to increase in desperation as millions of Kenyans find it hard to secure employment.

As I walk in the streets of Nairobi, all I see are fuel guzzlers but after interrogating the owners I realize not even 10 % earn from employment. Which poses a question, why struggle in school when you can pursue life through a different channel and become who is who in Kenya.

As I write this, over 70 % of Kenyans who graduated from various universities in 2015 are still jobless. More than 50,000 others are expected into the job market this year.Human resource managers have been suffocated by the huge number of blind applications, prompting them to block their email addresses.

In our streets, 7 out of 10 people are university graduates while 3 out of 10 are masters holders. If you take a survey, 7 of them are unemployed and desperate for jobs. The most affected are Kenyans with degree in education and business related courses, who are more than half of the total number of Kenyan graduates. This is saddening considering that the government does not create jobs anymore while private institutions are downsizing their manpower.

It has reached a time where most graduates either pursue two or more professional certification, or enroll for masters to increase the chances of securing employment, but the idea has back fired because the number doing this trick is also swelling. I guess you can remember a case of Tuskys where more than 300 jobseekers with masters and PhD applied for Internship position-we are in a sorry state.

At the moment the only hope for graduates is to be innovative. I know this is a topic not existing in college but life will teach you how to be innovative.