What You Didn’t Know About Babu Owino


babu owinoBabu Owino is the current student leader of the University of Nairobi. Many Kenyans know him as Babu Owino- nothing more. Below are facts about one of the most dramatic and charismatic youths in Kenya.

  1. His grandmother Perpetuator Owino was the first to use a mathematical set in 1927 in Barkorwa Village, Kisumu East Constituency and the first to use a traditional female [email protected] She was feared, adored and loved by her peers. She called Babu’s name 3 times before she was abducted by White men.
  2. His grandfather is called Balthazar Ongili, a name that is mentioned twice in the gospel according to St Luke. Balthazar was one of the three wise men who went to see baby Jesus.
  3. Babu skipped 4 classes in Primary school and 2 classes in High school before scoring an (A plain) in KCSE leading the country in 2 subjects, Chemistry and History
  4. Babu has exemplary prowess in 5 languages, his Mother tongue (English) Kiswahili, German, French and Body language
  5. Babu is able to laugh while running at a speed of 152.3 km/h and while c#mming. He [email protected] 10 mins passed midnight every Wednesday and 17mins to midnight every Saturday
  6. Babu blacklisted the following world leaders on realization they stole from comrades, Irene Mobutu daughter to the late Mobutu Sese Seko,Edwardo Do’ Santos, Califan JeyGadafi and Pierre Nkuruzinza.
  7. Babu was born at night weighing 3.7kg but looked thin, the following morning he weighed 3.1kg but looked so fat. He smiled at the nurse when he realized the nurse was surprised.
  8. Babu’s birthmark is 11 cm North East of his right knee and 22 cm perpendicular to his horse pipe
  9. Babu is the incoming Embakassi East Mp. He will win with a continental drift.
  10. Babu is among the young men who accompanied Isabel Do’ Santos and Malia Obama to Syria to negotiate for ARVs supply to Kenya when President Kibaki came to power.