Advantages of buying Toyota Cars in Kenya



Toyota Cars, manufactured in Japan, are the most popular vehicles in Kenya. There are over 7 advantages that make this car the best choice for Kenyans.

Toyota cars belong to all classes

Irrespective of your financial status, you can always get a Toyota car to buy. You will notice that there are cars costing less than Ksh 400,000 while others, like the Toyota V8 costs at least Ksh 10 million.

Come in different models, shapes and colours

Unlike models like Range Rover and Subaru, there are over 200 Toyota models in the world. The wide variety gives customers several options to choose from.

Toyota cars also come in different colours and shapes. If you feel a certain colour is not your taste, you can turn to the same model but with a different colour.

Cheap spare parts

Spare parts for Toyota cars are readily available and cheap. You will discover that in a city like Nairobi, there are over 200 shops selling Toyota spare parts.

Made for Kenyan roads

It has been established that these cars are suitable for Kenyan roads. You can drive a Toyota car in towns and village roads without facing mechanical problems.

Fuel consumption

No doubt that Toyotas are fuel efficient cars. If you manage to buy a Toyota car with 1,500 CC chances are that you won’t spend more than Sh 300 per day in Nairobi.

Even the most expensive Toyota cars are fuel efficient.


On our Kenyan roads, you can find a Toyota car manufactured in 1970; that’s how durable this car is.

It can be used as a personal car or for business

It doesn’t matter the kind of Toyota car you own, but these cars can perform multiple functions. If you are tired of using it to work, you can convert it for Taxi business.


The interior of the car, especially the carrying capacity is enough to carry more than the required number of people. The comfort is also guaranteed.