Towns in Kenya with Highest HIV cases



HIV is a disease ones enters your body, you live with it forever. The disease is chronic and scientists have given up on seeking the right drug.Now in Kenya, these towns are leading in terms of HIV cases.


Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and according to the latest survey, it’s the leading in terms of HIV prevalence cases.

One of the major contributors is the harsh economic conditions in the city coupled with high circulation of Kenyan currency.

Nairobi is also leading in terms of prostitution, which is rampant in slums as well as major streets like Koinange and Moi Avenue.


Malindi has also found itself on the list. The survey puts it at position 2 with over 20 % of the residents confirmed to be HIV positive.

The situation is worsened by the large number of tourists who troop to the town to spend their pension as well as have nice times during holidays.


Salgaa is well known for tragic accidents that occur at the small town every month. Also, most trucks on transit to western Kenya make a stop at the town to spend the night. During this time, you will see several women in mini-skirts waiting for clients. With this situation, you expect HIV cases to be high.


Busia is located at the border between Kenya and Uganda. Heavy truck have their destination here, and the drivers are known for loving the thing.


In Migori, most people don’t use protection, they say “nyama kwa nyama ni tamu”, as a result,HIV victims are ‘born’ each day.


Kisii is also another town heavily affected by the deadly disease. The town has grown tremendously, becoming one of the busiest towns in Kenya. Since it’s a 24-hour economy town, the oldest profession is practiced without minding about the consequences.


Siaya town could not miss in this list because of the many bars as well as cheap guest rooms. The town is well known for tolerating and accommodating unprotected [email protected]