Differences between Kisii and Kalenjin women



Kisii and Kalenjin women are dominant and have several similarities. But there are also traits that separate them like day and night.

Here are the differences between Kisii and Kalenjin women


Kisii women can easily cheat on you during relationship, they are simply cheap, but Kalenjin women are very faithful.

You can go abroad for 2 years and leave your Kalenjin wife sharing herself with nobody, but try that on a Kisii woman!


Kisii women like gossiping; they also talk a lot. In towns and villages, you will see a group of women standing at a corner as they talk in low tones while laughing aloud…that group belongs to Kisii women. That is not the case with Kalenjin women. Only a few of Kalenjin women like gossiping, who are mostly old women.


Kisii women are business minded-they can help the husband grow financially and socially but Kalenjin women are simply reserved-they have limited ideas.


Kisii women are generally more beautiful than Kalenjin..but generally, both tribes are considered average when compared with the other tribes in Kenya.


Kalenjin women know nothing about superstition and witchcraft but Kisii women believe bad omen are brought by witches.

Several Kisii women consult witchdoctors for prosperity and against being bewitched.Kalenjin women consult God.

Performance in Bed

Kisii women are better than Kalenjin in bed.The Abagusii are not only adventurous, but also sweet.


Kalenjin women are considered more intelligent than their counterparts from kisii.Even in school, Kelenjin girls will generally perform better than Kisii women.

Wife material

They both make good wives,but Kalenjin women generally perform better at home than Kisii women.