Best and profitable business for women in Kenya



Kenyan women are the most enterprising in East Africa. Even so, there are businesses classified as best for women especially those intending to make good profits.

Latest survey shows that this is the most ideal business for women.


It is by nature that women will always convince men into buying products. Boutique business is one business that best fits women.

This business involves a lot of talking and bargaining, which is what women prefer.

Fast food restaurant

Men can do the business but they can’t be as successful as that run by a woman. Fast food restaurant is very profitable in towns like Nairobi and Mombasa, and it’s most ideal for women entrepreneurs.


Grocery is not only a booming business in Nairobi, but also very ideal for women especially of ages 30-50

The demand for fresh vegetables in Nairobi is crazy and the supply is low. If you start a grocery business in Nairobi, there is 100 % guarantee of making profits.


Women don’t have competitors when it comes to salon business. It is a nice thing considering the fact that the business is good in every town in Kenya.

The only problem with this business is that competition is very haigh, but if you are good in it, customers will flock your business

Cake making business

For your information, if there is business that can make you instant millionaire in Nairobi, then cake making is one. The business has been found to be ideal for women especially who have undergone training in hotel management.

Selling cosmetics

There is nobody who understands women like fellow woman. Kenyan women use cosmetics in masses, and they have to source it from cosmetics shop. If you have one, then chances of making it in life are high.

For heaven’s sake, the business is not ideal for men-they know nothing about cosmetics.

Juice blending business

We are simply listing profitable businesses here, and juice blending is one. The business is suitable for women because they are patient.

Selling second hand clothes/mitumba

Women can convince you to buy anything, and mitumba business is one that is ideal for them.To start the business requires at least Ksh3, 000, which is affordable.