Why You Should Not Marry a Poor Man



Every woman has a choice, in fact a golden chance of choosing the best partner. But you should not make a mistake of marrying a poor man.There are over 50 reasons why you should be single than getting married to a poor and desperate man.Here are the reasons

A poor man will make you miserable

Since someone who has nothing is miserable, he will make sure you share his pain. A poor man has nothing to be proud of except what is between his legs. If he has nothing, do you think he will make you happy?

He will make you lose self esteem

Self-esteem is very important to a woman and by extension everybody. Since a poor man lost his self-esteem long time ago, don’t expect him to help boost yours. Self-esteem is the act of believing in yourself, I guess you have noticed poor men don’t believe in themselves.

You will be a laughing stock

When other women are eating life with a big spoon, your husband will be struggling to buy a bicycle. That kind of poverty will make you lose friends and eventually become a laughing stock.

You will become ugly

I know you understand money is beauty. I will give you a simple assignment; simply compare a 50-year old woman married to a poor man and one of the same age married to a rich man, who is more beautiful.

Every woman wants to be beautiful, and since your resources are limited, you will be subjected to constant stress and eventually ugly face will emerge.

A poor man is jealous

A poor man would not want to see his wife prosper. He will monitor each and every step you make, and if you make more steps than him, his jealous will rise.

For your information, a jealous man will do anything to bring you down.

He is violent

Problems can make a man violent, and the man will be more than happy to empty his heavy heart to a woman, who is his wife.

So many problems can make any human being violent, and a poor man finds himself here.

You live only once, why compromise the quality of your life

Almost every good thing comes from a rich man-poor men have nothing to show. As someone who want to live to the fullest, don’t ever make a mistake of making a poor man your lifetime partner because you only live once.

Poor men don’t know how to invest, In case he dies he will leave you miserable

A man needs assurance for her life as well as children, but don’t expect that to come from a poor man.The main reason why some men are poor is because they have poor investment decisions.

As a woman, you must have somebody who can leave at least some money to feed your children.