The best degree course to study in Kenya between bachelor of commerce(BCOM) and law



Several form four leaver are often confused which one is ideal between law and bachelor of commerce. But there are many factors to consider before deciding on the best degree course to study.

For people who are poor in mathematics but good in convincing people, law is the best degree course to pursue. The course is also good for individuals who will be patient enough to work for people before they form their companies.

When it comes to ease of finding a job, a degree in commerce is better than law. Lawyers have to wait a bit before they finally secure employment.By the way, if you happen to be near Milimani Law Courts, Kibera courts and all courts in Kenya, you must have noticed that there are so many lawyers hustling for clients. These people are so desperate that they can accept even Ksh1, 000 to provide services.

But one thing I like about law is that if you are highly talented, and you are able to win cases, chances are that you will be a millionaire within no time. In law it’s easier to be rich than when you are an accountant. This is because a lawyer charges legal fees based on how he sees the client but an accountant’s salary is fixed.

The worst thing about law is that you are limited to one line but if you pursue BCOM, you can land anywhere. Apart from being an accountant, you can become an auditor, finance officer, research analyst, financial analyst, investment analyst, marketer, business analyst, HR officer, procurement officer etc. This makes BCOM better than law in terms of job opportunities.

Though bachelor of commerce has many opportunities, there competition is very stiff. Which makes the course one of the most flooded degrees in the country. Law on the other hand is not so flooded but opportunities are few. But all in all, if you are talented, Law is the best degree course to pursue but if you believe you want a course where you can diversify your skills then BCOM is good.

If you manage to study professional courses like ACCA, CIA, CFE and CFA, chances are that you are likely to be more successful than a lawyer who is not talented.

What I can tell anyone intending to study any of the two courses is that success depends on many factors. Both courses are good and it doesn’t matter how many have pursued them, what matters is talent, luck, networking and ability to perform at work.