Nollywood Actor Ani Iyoho Get Burnt Alive while Shooting a Movie-SAD.Watch Video Here


nollywoodAward winning Nollywood actor, Ani Iyoho is fighting for his life after he got burnt while shooting a movie.

The movie, which was being directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare, turned tragic when fire caught up with the actor while lighting a tire. Efforts to save the actor’s life bore some fruits when the crew obtained water from a nearby house.

It is reported that Iyoho is currently in critical condition in a Lagos hospital, and according to close associates, he was 30 % burnt.

But several Nigerians have claimed that it was a stunt aimed at making the movie imminent popular

One Nollywood insider said:

‘I think it’s a stunt to promote the new movie because Nigerian actors and directors are not so daring to set fire on themselves’.