Esther Passaris Accuses James Mwangi of Sexual Harrassment



passaris mwangiKenya and the whole world is in shock after Adopt-A-light CEO Esther Passaris accused Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi of forcing himself on her.

Passaris, who won child custody case against Pius Ngugi, was commenting on the issue of bank interest rates. In the process, she accused Dr Mwangi of forcing her to have s@x with him.

Passaris explained that she rejected the CEO and accused the CEO of not able to handle rejection from a woman.

The following are some tweets from the conversation:

    @JoeAsali @TheStarKenya @KeEquityBank James Mwangi CEO cannot handle being rejected. Regret banking there & having the bank as a client.

    — Muthoni, OGW (@EstherPassaris) July 29, 2016

    @TheStarKenya start with @KeEquityBank who levy hidden charges & refuses to reverse the same. Also find ways to address sexual harassment.

    — Muthoni, OGW (@EstherPassaris) July 28, 2016

    @bonifacemwangi @EstherPassaris wby would james mwangi look for a nyanye when he has 18-24 year olds at his disposal? I dont believe, lies!


    — anthony kibagendi (@KibagendiToni) July 31, 2016


    .@EstherPassaris has tweeted Equity’s JamesMwangi sexually harassed her.Many women have complained,1 has gone public


    — Boniface Mwangi (@bonifacemwangi) July 31, 2016