Is Singer Akothee Illuminati? See How She Responded after Being Robbed of Her Cabbages



There are allegations labelled against richest Kenyan singer Akothee that she is part of Illuminati group. But responding to the alegations, Akothee wrote on Instagram:

‘’Eeeeish kumbe bado wezi wa mboga wako, eeee yawa (ongwedo nyaka chuny alot ) he has plucked till the heart of the Veges, but it took me only 2 months to achieve this it’s not a miracle, where we’re you when I was planting this, don’t we have the same climate & the same fertile soil ? Don’t we have 24 hours a day? It’s true poverty is a state of mind, I wish you could learn from your neighbour that all is possible, you call me Iluminati but you still steal my sweat to quench your thirst, why were you not afraid

that Iluminati will catch up with you , ILUMINATI IS A TERM USED BY LAZY PEOPLE THERE IS NOTHING LIKE ILUMINATI , hustle is real, look at this one hustling in my garden.’’

Many Kenyans believe that the singer’s wealth could not come such easily considering she was poor the other day. Majority are of the opinion that she consults some gods, claims she refutes.