Sugarcane business in Nairobi and Why it’s Booming. See The Profits they make



Sugarcane business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nairobi. The business is booming-no doubt-but many Kenyans always despise those engaging in this business.

After watching them sell on the streets day in day out, we decided to ask them how much they make. Here is the answer.

Most of those who sell sugarcane on the streets of Nairobi are Kisiis,but there is a significant number of Kikuyu, who have realized that the business is profitable.

These entrepreneurs source their sugarcane from Kisii, a place called Keumbu.They either collectively hire a vehicle to transport the sugarcane or go for them individually.

What we heard from them is that a single sugarcane tree costs Ksh 30-Ksh40 in Kisii but when it arrives in Nairobi it costs Ksh80-Ksh100.

If you make your calculations, you will notice that a single tree earns the businessman at least Ksh 30.

More than 80 % of them said they sell 30-50 trees of sugarcane per day. If a single sugarcane can make one Ksh 30 then 50 of them will bring Ksh 1,500.

Now, in a month, the entrepreneur will make Ksh45, 000 while a bank teller will make Ksh45, 000 which is subjected to taxation.

Apart from those who sell raw sugarcane, there are others who sell sugarcane juice.For your information, sugarcane juice can heal more than 5 diseases.

What is exciting about the sugarcane business is that there are no extra costs apart from buying a wheelbarrow and transportation.