Fastest growing towns in Kenya



When it comes to development, there are towns that lag behind while others grow exponentially. The new counties have created need for housing, good roads, efficient transport system and land for development, prompting some towns to grow faster than others.As a result, we compile a list of fastest growing towns in Kenya


Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Over the last 2 decades, there has been influx of population to the city, leading to lack of enough houses to accommodate humanity. As a result, real estate companies emerged.

Today, the city is growing in length and width. To confirm that, visit places like

Mombasa Road, Upper Hill, Westlands and Ngong Road, you will see construction everywhere.

At the moment, a common man cannot afford land in Nairobi. In fact, a 50 by 50 piece of land is approximately Ksh 1.5 million in areas neigbouring Nairobi.

To make it more interesting, the city is about to welcome the tallest building in Africa (The Haas Towers), which will have 66 floors. The building is under construction.


Mombasa is the second largest towns in Kenya. The growth of the city is slightly lower than Nairobi but way above several towns in Kenya.

Since it’s a tourist attraction centre, the need for accommodation and recreation facilities has attracted real property investment as well as growth of hotel industry.


Machakos will be another city in the near future. Over the past few years, the small town has welcomed thousands of investors, who have changed the image of the town. Today, there are new houses coming up, some for residential while others for commercial.

One acre piece of land in Machakos used to cost Ksh 300,000  five years ago but today you will buy the same at Ksh 3 million-Ksh 5 million.

There is also an influx of home owners and tenants to the town.


I remember 10 years ago when kitengela was the place where everybody wanted to buy land. All of a sudden, land got exhausted and the town started expanding. As of today, Isinya is taken, Mulolongo is taken, Kitengela is taken. Now people are rushing to as far as loitoktok to buy land.


Kisii is one of the best towns to do business in Kenya. The town is peaceful and has active and aggressive population. It is one of few towns which are busy 25/7.Due to this fact, it has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs, schools, night clubs and colleges.

Land used to be available in Kisii some time back but today it’s too expensive for a common man.That aside, the town is growing extremely fast.


If there is a town that every Kenyan should strive to own something, then Nakuru is the one. Land is still cheap in the town and life is so good for people who live there. But the rate at which land is being sold send some warning to ignorant investors.


Thika is near Nairobi City. It is the town with the most industries and several schools and colleges.

Thika is one of the fastest growing towns in Kenya. In fact, it’s growing faster than Kisumu.


Due to the growing number of millionaires in Eldoret and rift Valley at large, the town is growing faster than anticipated.

There is construction everywhere and people are relocating once again to the town.

One motivating factor is cheap land, which you can get with as little as Ksh200, 000.


Kiambu is a town of billionaires and a city within a city. If there is a town where every Kikuyu wants to live then Kiambu is the one.

Nowadays you cannot differentiate between Kiambu and Nairobi.


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