Universities with the ugliest GIRLS in Kenya-Shocking



We have observed and it’s a fact that though university girls in Kenya are generally beautiful, there are some universities with more than half of their ladies considered ugly.

Here are the universities and reasons for that

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)

JKUAT is one of the leading universities in Kenya. The college offers engineering, agriculture and mathematics courses, and few business courses.

It has been proved that ladies who pursue mathematics, agriculture and engineering courses are below average or simply average when it comes to beauty. In JKUAT, since three quarter of courses lean towards the categories mentioned above, ladies who pursue the courses are definitely not the most beautiful in Kenya.

Egerton University

Egerton is an agriculture university, and as mentioned above this is one of the few areas that beautiful girls are not excited to pursue. As a result, those who accept to be farmers definitely know they are average.

Masinde Muliro University of Agriculture and Technology (MMUST)

This is where eating is endless and ladies care less about their figure. Despite having Muliro gardens, the university attracts average girls only.

Agriculture courses dominate and girls are enthusiastic about them, which is why beauty is a just a vocabulary to majority of them.

Kisii University

Kisii University is located where food is in plenty. Girls at this university eat and eat, and since they are not close to the city, they believe average is the best.

It’s hard to find a beautiful girl in Kisii University, but of course we can’t miss an outlier.

University of Kabianga

This is another one where you can walk from East to West, North to South to look for a beautiful girl, and out of frustrations you will walk away empty handed.

The university has average girls only; who are serious to make a living through all means-beauty is not their concern.


University of Baraton has Christians and people who want to go to heaven. If you talk about beauty here, you might be lynched.

In church, you will never see anybody wearing earning, applying cosmetics or dressing in a manner that suggests she is modern-the uglier you look the better.