People you should not share secrets with



You should die with a secret rather than sharing with some people. It’s understandable that some painful secrets once shared makes somebody a bit relieved but never make a mistake of sharing them with these people

Your Ex

You should never share a secret with your Ex even if you are in good terms. This person is bitter and if you open up to him/her, they will use that as a weapon to destroy you.

Just be friends and have boundaries during conversations.

Your boss

Let there be a huge boundary between you and your boss. Talk about work related issues only and avoid marital stories as well as financial issues.

There are so many cases where you find a worker reveals what happens at his home, and if it involves disagreement with a wife, the boss takes advantage and starts dating his junior’s wife.


As much as you have their son/daughter, keep some secrets to yourself.

If it happens that you divorce with your wife and assuming that your in-laws know everything about you, you’ll lose your job, your status and even friends.

Security officers

Though you are allowed to reveal some security secrets to a police, sometimes it’s wise to keep some information to yourself.

Some police officers collude with dangerous thugs, and if they know you are the one supplying information, soon you will become past tense.


Politicians have loose mouths. They are people waiting for opportunities to strike. If you want peace, never share a secret with a politician.


Women are allergic to keeping secrets. Even if you trust her to the extent of sacrificing your life for her, don’t make a mistake of sharing a secret with her.