Why You should not marry these men: musicians, DJs, lecturers, gynecologists, massage therapists, Policemen and politicians



Marriage is the best thing, but marrying the wrong person will leave a permanent scar in your heart. You should avoid DJs, musicians, gynecologists, policemen, politicians and massage therapists at all cost, and this is why.


DJs travel a lot and they are exposed to a lot of fun and millions of petite girls. These people rarely sleep at home, and due to the nature of their work, they must look for some warmth, which is provided by none other than a girl.

If you are married to a DJ, you must be prepared for a heart break.


If there are people who can subject a woman to desperation, loneliness, low self esteem and above all miserable, then it’s a policeman.

The nature of his work dictates that he speaks with authority; meaning even in his home, his word is final. If you are married to this man, you won’t have a say, you will see him once a month because he is always on duty. The worst thing is that some of them, due to the nature of their work, end up cheating, not once but more often.

A policeman is trained to kill, to injure and to hurt. At times, he can treat you so since his heart is harder than that of a normal being.

Massage therapist

If there is a man you should avoid like a plague, then it’s a massage therapist. What happens in a room where this man works is God who knows.

You would be stupid if you accept advances from this man.


We understand it’s his profession, but we also understand temptations are there. Research shows that over 80 % of gynecologists have slept with some of their clients.

If you are prepared to share your man with other women, marry this man.


Politicians are exposed to too much power and authority. Even Solomon when he acquired power, he married more than 800 wives. Don’t think your man will be any different.


Even if your man is a professor, as long as he is a lecturer, he will cheat on you. Temptations are many in universities where girls want to explore. The only people who can make the girls happy are the lecturers.


You will marry a musician knowing that you are among a hundred others. These people are always on the move and they will always sleep with some of the band members or fans.