Best Routes To Do Matatu Business in Nairobi to Get High Profits



Nairobi has over 40 matatu routes, and each route has varying amount of profit. Before you decide to put your matatu in a particular route, you should first analyze the route to determine the amount of profit and the risks your vehicle will encounter.

Most matatus in Nairobi were acquired through loans-maybe yours too-and due to that fact, the owners are always on a mission to recover their monies within the shortest time possible.

Due to wear and tear, a 24 seater matatu should return the money used to acquire it within one and half years and a Nissan matatu should return the capital within one year. But to a achieve this, you must put your matatu in the most profitable route.

Following reviews from matatu owners, the following are the best routes to put your matatu in Nairobi.


This is the most profitable route in Nairobi.In this route,no matatu makes less than Ksh 15,000 per day unless it’s not in good condition.

If you pass through the route, you’ll notice that there are so many matatus on the route,but despite that there are always customers on the move.

The population in Rongai is big and most of them work in town.

One peculiar habit in this route is that passengers are always willing to pay any amount as long as the matatu is new, which makes the business sweet.

Embakasi-Nairobi route

Over 100,000 people live in Embakasi and surrounding estates. If you happen to have a walk at Embakasi in the evening and morning hours, you may think people are migrating-so many people on the road.

This population sometimes overwhelms the number of matatus on the route.

The fare from Embakasi to town during peak hours is Ksh 60-Ksh 80 while during off peak hours its Ksh 30-Ksh50

Here if you have a 24 seater matatu,you will recover your capital within one and half years.


Though there is Ummoiner which is dominating, making profits here is guaranteed.

Just like Embakasi route,Donholm and Umoja have young and aggressive population which is always on the move.If you have your matatu on this route,you will smile all the way to the bank.


Buruburu has a slightly less population compared to Embakasi,Rongai and Donholm but the route is considered one of the best when it comes to matatu profits.

Nairobi-Kahawa Sukari

The best thing you can do here is to avoid the Nairobi-Githurai route and instead choose Nairobi-Kahawa Sukari because of Kenyatta University students.

Even if your destination is not githurai,you will always pick passengers on the road.


Kawangware is one of the estates with the highest number of people in Nairobi. The route is also good for matatu business especially if you don’t have a very new matatu.