How I managed to Make Ksh 2 million from Sportpesa Betting. I am now a Millionaire



Venas News has decided to share a story from one Sportpesa betting addict. The man from Kiambu reveals that in a span of one year, he has managed to make Ksh 2 million from betting. Here is  Njuguna’s story.


I joined Sportpesa in 2015 after being introduced by a friend at work. At that time I didn’t even know Arsenal was a team from England.

I remember one evening as I was busy balancing accounts in the office, my workmate came screaming. Looking at his phone, I realized he had won Ksh37, 000 from a multibet.

I felt jealous for a moment before I asked how he managed to win what was more than my salary.

Instead of showing me how he won, he logged on to sportpesa website and told me to register. But I hesitated because I had no clue what betting was all about.

The following week, he again came screaming to my desk while eating his lips in excitement. I said enough is enough…and that’s how I joined Sportpesa.

The first money I spent was Ksh 200 and I lost.but I didn’t lose hope since I had to chase my lost coins. I again sent Ksh 500 to Sportpesa account 955100.

This time around, after doing multiple bet,I won Ksh 1777.I was so excited until I broke the news to the entire family. I bought meat that evening.

The first 2 months I lost a total of Ksh 2, 300, that was after making several bets. But with time, I came to realize that betting does not require someone who picks teams in a hurry…it requires time and attention.

I realized also that multibet is better than single bets when you are keen enough. But also, you should not select a combination of more than 3 teams if you indeed want to make good money.

One secret I also realized was that English teams can disappoint a lot because you can’t predict the winner-they have almost the same strength.

I also noted that small leagues like Urrgentina, Portugal, China, India and Asian countries have some teams which must win almost all the matches they play the entire season, unlike England and France.

The most important thing I discovered was the fact that betting on which team will be ahead half time results and less or more than 2.5 goals were the most successful on my case.

I also realized that spending at least Ksh 500 to make several bets will earn you more than someone who spends just Ksh 100.

Armed with those facts, I became more careful.

I used the facts to bet for two consecutive months. And man, I made close to Ksh 90,000 in those two months.

At this time,I started losing interest in my job and concentrating more on betting. I wasn’t even taking time to complete my tasks at work.I was fired two months later.

Being jobless and only relying on Sportpesa,I became more worried that I may lose my Ksh 90,000 and I became a pauper, which made me more careful on how I placed my bets.

To be honest, out of 10 bets I placed each day,I only lost 2,and at the end I made Ksh 5,000 every day.

As I write this,I have made a total of Ksh 2.3 million but lost Ksh 183,000.Idon’t regret losing my job.

I thank Sportpesa for bringing such wonderful game.I pay my rent,I feed myself and even do investment with Sportpesa money.