Business you can do from home in Kenya: You Don’t Need an Office



Do you know you can do business from your house, without necessarily having an office?Well,there are over 10 types of businesses you can do from home in Kenya and make good returns .The most encouraging thing is that the capital required to start the business is affordable to every Kenyan.

Below is a list of businesses you can do from home in Kenya

Hair Braiding

Hair braiding requires almost zero capital as long as you have the skills. The beauty of this business is that you can start from your home if you have no capital of having a special room for the business.

Your hands will do everything as you make money.


Most bloggers, almost all of them work from home; surprisingly, some earn even Ksh 1 million in a month.

The hardest part is to create relevant content and to know how to earn.

Web design

If you are a web designer, you don’t need an office to operate your business. You simply require a Facebook page, Twitter account and perhaps a WhatsApp account. You will use these social media handles to reach out to clients.

Cake business

I know several people who don’t have a specific room where to operate their business from, but they comfortably bake cakes at home and deliver to clients on request. Others bake at home and sell on the road side.

Cleaning services

If you are tired of working for someone, you can start cleaning Services Company and operate from home without pressure. This business is booming in Nairobi especially eastlands.

What you need here are 2-3 people to do the services. Your work is to move from house to house to look for clients.

Cleaning Services involve cleaning carpets, sofa sets, houses, clothes and vehicles

Day care

Do you know you can have a day care in your room?

What you need is a specious 2 bedroom house, where you will use one rooms to care for your neighbor’s children during the day. You will do this business in the meantime as you save to get a separate room.

Conducting tuition classes

You are a university graduate and perhaps wondering why the government is not creating jobs. You can start tuition classes at your home and make money.

Laundry and ironing of clothes

Do you know you can conduct laundry and ironing business in your house? Many Kenyans have done this and succeeded.

Poultry farming

Poultry farming doesn’t require you to move from your home, unless you are searching for customers.

If you rear more than 300 chickens, you’ll be guaranteed of profits.

Online shop

Online shop that sells electronics, mobile phones, clothes and shoes can be run from home. What you need is a platform to advertise the business, and then deliver on order to clients.