Most Popular and Best Radio Stations in Kenya



Radio stations play a significant role in educating, entertaining and informing Kenyans. Currently, Kenya has over 50 stations, some are popular while others are simply village stations.

Based on the number of advertisements and listeners, the following are the most popular radio stations in Kenya.

Classic FM

Classic FM has grown to become the most popular radio station in the country. It is estimated that over 7 million Kenyans listen to the station every day.

Though the number of listeners may be slightly less than Citizen Radio, the station attracts more adverts than any other radio stations in the country, thanks to Maina Kageni and Kingangi.

What is surprising is that when Maina is in studio, there are always over 10 adverts on the queue, simply because there is no sufficient time to advertise the products.

But Classic is Maina Kageni, and Maina Kageni is classic, which is why many corporates hesitate to advertise when Maina is not in studio.

Classic FM is mostly listened by urban dwellers and entrepreneurs, especially those dealing with land, apartments and real estate in general.

Radio Citizen

Radio Citizen, owned by Roya Media Services, is the second most popular radio station after Classic FM.

The station is slightly less popular to corporates compared to classic FM but it attracts millions of listeners.

Citizen Radio is mostly listened by village residents and urban residents who live in slums and apartments in Eastlands.

Radio Jambo

Radio Jambo is the third most popular radio station in Kenya. The station, owned by Radio Africa, gained over 3 million more listeners in a span of one year after Mbusi was poached from Ghetto Radio.

The station is also very popular because of the programs touching on sports, reggae and family matters, which the youths want to listen to.


KBC comes fourth after Classic FM, Radio Citizen and Radio Jambo.The station is popular among village dwellers, old generation and people who are mostly bored with busy life.

This is where you will listen to old songs, especially soothing gospel music and Daudi Kabaka.

Kameme FM

Kameme, owned by Mediamax Network Ltd, is the fifth most popular radio station in Kenya.

The Kikuyu vernacular station is listened by over 5 million Kenyans, who are all from the Kikuyu community.

The station beats its main competitor, Inooro, by a significant margin.

Capital FM

Capital FM is for the rich and middle class people who are in the process of sneaking into the class of who is who in Kenya.

Capital FM has few listeners, but attracts more than 30 % of the revenue generated from radio adverts in the country.

Chris Kirubi is the founder of the station, and since his name is a brand, you will always find his companies leading in every sector

Radio Maisha

Radio Maisha is owned by Standard Media Group. This station is neither popular nor unpopular, but has some listeners.