Open Letter To Raila from 36 Jubilee Bloggers.Hilarious



More than 36 bloggers were hired by Jubilee in 2015 to counter the growing popularity of CORD leader Raila Odinga.Now the bloggers have written a letter blaming Raila for their woes.

According to the bloggers, Raila’s silence on national matters is putting their work at stake. They complain that their master has already indicated they will be sacked if they are unable to perform the duties they were assigned to do.

The letter reads in parts:

We write to you because we are not happy, this letter is from a place of despair. You may not realize it but your actions affect us directly. You see, our job description is to defend JUBILEE and the way you are behaving lately, you are making it too easy for UhuRuto to win in 2017 and in effect rendering our services to the duo redundant”.

It adds:

“Long story short, we cannot continue like this, we need you to shape up so that we can continue getting to fight you, this is your chance to do something that is not entirely self-serving as you are used to.

It is not obvious the bloggers will be replaced by CORD bloggers who were poached recently”.