Mugabe Calls for the arrest of Zimbabwe Olympic Team-Shocking News



Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has called for the arrest of Olympic team that participated in the just concluded Olympic tournament in Rio, Brazil.

Reacting to the news that the team won nothing in the Olympics, Mugabe termed them as useless and ordered for immediate arrest and detention.

“We have wasted the country’s money on the rats we call athletes. If you are not ready to sacrifice and win even copper or Brass medals as our neighbours Botswana did then why do you go to waste our money”. He reacted angrily

The 94-year-old president instructed the Police Chief to take immediate action, but the police have done nothing yet.

A total of 34 athletes represented Zimbabwe at the Olympic event but none took even position eight in all the events they participated.

Kenya, which took position 1 in Africa, won a total of 8 gold medals while Zimbabwe walked home with a total of zero medals.