University of Nairobi (UoN) vs Strathmore,Which one is better



University of Nairobi is so far the best training institution in Kenya, but the fact that it’s ranked the best in Kenya doesn’t mean it ranks better than Strathmore in all aspects.

When you compare the University of Nairobi to Strathmore University, you will realize that there are areas where Strathmore excel but UoN has failed terribly.

For instance, when it comes to students’ discipline, Strathmore University wins.At Strathmore, students dress cecently, which makes it easier for graduates of this university to adapt to the office environment once they secure employment.

Besides discipline, Strathmore also trains professional courses such as ACCA, CFA, CPA, CIFA and many other marketable certifications. The institution also offers quality notes on these professional certificates. The University of Nairobi does not train, but allow their students to study the courses elsewhere. It means that if you are pursuing business related courses at Strathmore, you will be able to study professional courses alongside your degree, with ease.

In terms of variety of courses, the University of Nairobi beats Strathmore. There are over 150 undergraduate courses at UoN while Strathmore has less than 30 undergraduate courses. So the UoN gives you a variety of courses to choose from.

When it comes to quality of education, I would recommend that you join Strathmore if you want to study business related courses. If you intend to study other courses, simply join UoN

When it comes to college fees, University of Nairobi is somehow cheaper than Strathmore University.

In general, the two universities are ideal for any Kenyan, but Strathmore is better if you want to study business related course.