Kenyan tribes with the most faithful men: Tribes with most unfaithful men.



If you intend to enter into a relationship or marriage, the first thing to look at in a man is whether he is faithful or not.Apparently,more than 60 % of tribes in Kenya have men who are extremely unfaithful.

Based on opinions from women who have dated men from different tribes, the following are tribes with the most faithful men in Kenya.


Kamba men are the most faithful tribe in the country. It’s hard to find a Kamba man having more than one girlfriend, unless he is possessed.


Kikuyu men view women as a liability. If he succeeds in getting one, he will stick to her until something awkward like death happens. The only thing that can separate a Kikuyu man from his wife is wealth disputes.

Generally, only 40 % of Kikuyu men cheat in relationships


Kalenjin men are ranked fourth in regards to faithfulness. If you happen to get married to a Kalenjin man who is not into traditions, you are sure he won’t cheat on you.Kalenjins generally fear approaching women, which is a plus to their girlfriends.


Apart from old Maasai men, the young generation is not into polygamy. The new Maasai generation has men who respect their wives, and can do everything to protect them.

The tribes with most unfaithful men include:


Kisii men can cheat on their women with anything. They are generally attracted to any skirt.


Luhya men are naturally polygamists. The moment they win one woman as wife, they think of winning another one, as long as there is money. His marriage marathon increases as money trickles in.

Many wives married to Luhya men are not happy to hear from their men that salary increment has been effected or the husband has gotten a promotion, or he has won a jackpot. They (women) start thinking of how to welcome another wife.


If you are dating a Luo man, even if you are assured he is yours, you must be prepared for a heart break.

A Luo man has sugar coated tongue which can win any woman. Even if he is not handsome, he can use all tricks to win her.


Somali men are generally not principled,but they are excused because of their culture which allows for polygamy.


If you think Indian men are morally principled,then you are wrong.Do you see those Indian bosses in the “poorly paying” companies,ask women who work for them what they go through.