Prices of Lodging/Guest Houses in Various Towns in Kenya



Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a certain town and asking how much a guest house costs, you are given ridiculous prices. Prices for lodgings/guest houses for various towns vary depending on various factors.

Below is the amount you will pay for lodging if you visit any of the listed towns

Town                     Lodging prices per night (Ksh)
Nairobi                  1,000-5,000
Thika                       800-2,500
Mombasa              400-2,000
Kisumu                  600-2,500
Busia                      350-1,500
Siaya                      250-1,200
Kiambu                  500-1,700
Narok                     250-1,500
Kericho                  800-2,000
Kisii                        800-2,000
Malindi                800-3,000
Mtwapa               400-2,000
Eldoret                 800-2,000
Machakos           600-1,500
Bomet                 300-1,200
Nyeri                   500-1,000
Kitengela           300-1,500
Kajiado              300-1,000
Nakuru              500-1,500

You will notice that Nakuru,KajiadoMtwapa and Kisumu are among the cheapest towns despite being among the busiest towns in Kenya. Towns like Kisii and Eldoret are very expensive-I don’t know why.

Nairobi is the most expensive city with lodgings ranging from Ksh 1,000 to Ksh10,000 per month.If you need to sleep in Nairobi CBD,then you have to cough at least Ksh2,000 per night, unless you look for a lodging in down town streets like River Road and Nyamakima.