How Prof Makau Mutua Ruthlessly Answered This Question, “I Don’t Recognize Uhuru as President”


makau-mutuaProfessor Makau Mutua was fortunate enough to meet the JSC panel for the Chief Justice position. Among the questions he was asked was whether he recognizes Uhuru as President. This is how Makau answered the question.

“I have a proclivity of moving fast, thinking fast through issues but I must watch out no one is left behind”

“Tweeting that I don’t recognise Uhuru Kenyatta as the President was as a private citizen, that was my opinion, no apologies! Besides if I become the CJ, I will be serving Kenyans, not Uhuru!”

Makau, who is regarded as an outsider, is not likely to become the next Chief Justice. The most preferred candidates for the position include Judge Visram and Dr Smokin Wanjala.

Information we have gathered shows that two names will be presented to the President, who is likely to pick Dr Smokin Wanjala.The reason being the role he played during the 2013 presidential petition.