Uhuru Tortures Raila With These Words During Ntimama’s Burial



President Uhuru Kenyatta was unable to beat around the bush today after he answered Raila in unfamiliar way. The words that came out of the president forced the opposition leader to wish the world could swallow him alive.

“Ndugu yangu Raila, Kumeza mate si kukula nyama”

“Nyinyi endelea kumeza mate lakini mimi nimekalia hiki kiti sawasawa na sina haraka ya kuondoka”, chest thumped the president

Uhuru was answering Raila’s remarks that the president’s term is about to end.He should, therefore, be willing to vacate office.

Raila, who was cheered by a section of the crowd at the funeral, also claimed  that Uhuru should act on the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission Report (TJRC) which clearly states historical injustices in Kenya.



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