Estates in Nairobi With Best Servant Quarters (SQ)



Many people in Nairobi prefer living in servant quarters (SQ) than in apartments, simply because there is privacy and enough space in servant quarters. There are estates with several servant quarters while others don’t have such kind of houses.

Below are estates where you can find the best servant quarters in Nairobi

  1. Kileleshwa
  2. Karen
  3. South B
  4. South C
  5. Nairobi West
  6. Buruburu
  7. Donholm
  8. Lavington
  9. Runda
  10. Muthaiga
  11. Hurlingham
  12. Kilimani
  13. Langata

I know you would wonder how on earth you will get a house in Runda,knowing very well it’s only the rich who live there.Well,there are hundreds of Servant Quarters in Runda,and for your information, you can get one with as little as Ksh 20,000.

Karen has plenty of servant quarters for middle class people. Most servant quarters in Karen go between Ksh15,000-Ksh25,000.

Buruburu is another estate where you can get a servant quarter house with as low as Ksh 7,000.Also,South C and it’s neighboring estate, South B,have thousands of servant quarters.The price of servant quarters at these two estates go for Ksh 10,000-Ksh 15,000.

Though there are many advantages of living in servant quarters in Nairobi,the worst disadvantage is the fact that the person living in the main house will have strict rules, requiring you to obey.For example, you will be told not to be out of the gate past a given time. Water and electricity is sometimes rationed.

Servant quarters at Langata,Buruburu and Donholm have the lowest rental prices while Runda,Kileleshwa and Karen have the most expensive servant quarters.