Is this how MBA graduates are suffering in Kenya? There are no jobs



There is a huge outcry from MBA graduates over alarming levels of unemployment.Majority,who even possess CPA (K) qualification complain that there are no jobs in Kenya.

Over the weekend I managed to interact with 5 MBA graduates. To my surprise, none was in employment-they are tarmacking. After listening to what was coming out of their mouth, I was shocked. Most of them looked resigned: they have reached a point where thy no longer apply for employment.

“I always wake up knowing that one day God will rescue me from this situation. I have been jobless for 5 years. I have tried to send my CV to various organizations but none has considered me fit to work for them. I have the best qualifications-in fact I scored A plain in high school, completed a bachelor of commerce degree and also CPA, and later pursued MBA.I believe I am qualified ,but why are employers not fair to me?”, one of the graduates wondered.

Another graduate, who holds MBA from the University of Nairobi, said that nowadays, even a PhD will not guarantee anyone a job. She confessed to have seen several of her friends who hold PhD in finance still jobless. Her case in not different. She graduated with MBA in 2013 and has been searching for employment in Nairobi and Mombasa since then.

“At first I thought it was a joke when I sent my CV to more than 20 companies but never received even a regret letter. One day I tried to follow up on my application and I was shocked to be told that more than 300 people had applied for the same job yet only a single individual was needed”, said one of MBA holders.

Even so, the situation will worsen in the coming days as many Kenyans enroll for MBA.It will even be worse for those who possess zero professional experience

Now what is remaining is for these graduates to be more innovative and set their minds towards entrepreneurship.

Esther, one of the many MBA graduates who were frustrated for 2 years decided to start fast food restaurant in Nairobi. We managed to ask her why she changed her mind.

“After realizing that I was just wasting time in searching for employment, I decided to ask for Ksh200,000 from my mother. That is the capital I used to start this restaurant”, she told us

Esther says she is happy despite dropping her dream of being employed by top companies in Kenya.

“I thank God I made up my mind early”, she concludes.