Shocking!Three Months Luhya Baby Talking and Asking for Ugali (photos)



There is a miracle in Bungoma! This baby, photos below, is able to talk fluent Luhya.

Born in Bilaa B village in Tongaren constituency, Bungoma County, Joy Wangila is able to express her feelings especially when seeking to relief herself or when she is hungry. To make it more interesting, the baby is able to ask for Ugali at lunch time,or porridge during breakfast.

Unlike other children, this child does not cry to get help, instead she asks for whatever she needs.

“I am shocked that my child is able to talk at this age.At first I thought it was a joke,but with time her utterances became even clearer than those of a 2 year old baby”,say her mother.

Villagers are flocking the home of Salome Wangila,the baby’s mother so as to see the new miracle.

Below is the photo of the baby.