Tanzania has the Best Musicians. This is Why Kenyan Artistes are Ranked Worst in East Africa



Latest survey shows that Tanzania has the best musicians in East Africa, followed by Uganda .Kenya has the worst artistes.

The survey, which was conducted in the month of August reveals that the most popular musician in East Africa is Diamond Platnumz, followed by Jose Chameleone.Ali Kiba was ranked third while Sauti Sol from Kenya were ranked 4th .

In terms of charges on stage, Diamond Platnumz was found to be the highest paid artiste. The Tanzanian musician charges at least $20,000 per single performance.Ali Kiba charges at least $15,000 per single performance while Sauti Sol charge $5,000

The survey established that Kenya has the worst musicians in East Africa. This is demonstrated by the choice of words in songs, which are mostly disgusting and not audience friendly. Take for instance an artiste using words like “kuja kitandani nikupige manyundo”,”nitakuingia ujikojolee”,”nicheke nisicheke”,”inaweza haiwezi”.Clearly, these words don’t convey any message, they are simply blank.

Tanzanian songs, popularly known as Bongo, have content. This is why many artistes especially from West Africa collaborate with musicians from Tanzania.

Tanzanian songs, though sung in Swahili, are listened by all age groups, which is not the case for Kenyan songs. You realize that Kenyan songs don’t have targeted audience. The musician simply sings to please one or two teenagers while the rest of the population turns for entertainment elsewhere.

Uganda’s Jose Chameleone and Eddy Kenzo have content. They are highly talented and ready to entertain from time to time. Jose Chameleone has been in the industry for over a decade but he releases hit after hit. Unlike Kenyan artistes who release a single hit and disappear to the “forest”, Ugandan musicians remain afloat even at old age.

It you ask anybody who is not a Kenyan to name two Kenya musicians, you will get this answer, “does Kenya have musicians”. The person will instead name David Rudisha and Yego.But ask the same person to name any Bongo artiste, you will see his mouth mentioning several names until you tell him to stop.