Signs that You are An Ugly Woman-You are not Beautiful



When you are ugly you don’t have to wait until people tell you to your face, you simply know from these signs.

When you look at yourself on the mirror and never bother to do the same again

Do you know there are people who don’t admire themselves on the mirror?

If you look at yourself on the mirror and the only thing you see is “ape faced woman” or someone you don’t imagine is you,then you are ugly.

A beautiful woman should admire herself again and again on the mirror. She will never tire admiring herself even without make ups.

When you upload your photo on Facebook and get the following responses

If you upload your photo on Facebook and nobody tells you that you are beautiful or lovely, then know there is something wrong with you.

If the number of women who comment on your photo exceed that of men, know you are not beautiful.

If you only get likes with few comments from relatives, know you are ugly.

When you pass on the road or a place with a group of men and no man is bothered to stare at you

Beautiful women often attract the attention of men. If for example you are passing through somewhere and all of a sudden a group of men stare at you, know you are beautiful.

Men always spot beautiful women, even from a distance. This is why you should even attempt to pass before them to see whether they might be interested in you.

When you use make ups and cosmetics but what you see is the same monster

There are several people who apply make ups and use cosmetics but never look beautiful. Even after trying hard to make yourself better, all you see is the same person you didn’t like in you.

Beauty is natural and can even show out without make ups.

When beautiful women always want you to take a picture but they don’t want you to be in the group photo

If you are always the one told to take a group photo and nobody is ready to take a picture with you,be sure there is something wrong with you.