Women who Have a Gap Between Front Teeth are Extremely Sweet in Bed and Make The Best Wives


victoria-rubadiriShocking research shows that women who have a gap between their front teeth are extremely sweet in bed; they also make the best wives.

The result further reveals that out of 1,000 men who were interviewed to determine what they love about their women, 800 said they loved how they smile, their bedroom prowess and the fact that they are naturally polite.

Apart from those qualities explained above, these women were also found to be very beautiful and highly talented.

Men were asked to choose between these women and those without the gap, they all claimed they will always go for those with a gap.

Given a chance to re marry, they argued that at no time they will reconsider changing their decision. They are all proud of their women.

One thing that stood out about this survey is the fact that these women, moan and make noise, what men like most.