Why It’s better to Study at Private Universities than Public Universities in Kenya



There are two types of universities in Kenya: Private and public universities. It is always recommended to enroll for your degree at a private university because of several reasons, which we are going to explain below.

The first and most important thing for a student is to graduate as soon as their time comes, which most private universities provide. At a private university it’s almost impossible to fail exams, passing is guaranteed as long as you attend classes and study for exams. The same is not guaranteed at public universities. There are so many bureaucracies in public universities which in most cases work against honest students. You find a lecturer who doesn’t attend classes at all but when it comes to exams, his papers are the hardest. To make matters worse, this lecturer ends up following the grading system of the institution. Eventually almost three quarter of the class fail the paper and the lecturer care less.

Lecturers at private universities are caring and always understand students’ needs. They will always attend the classes since they know students paid a lot to join such institutions. In public universities most lecturers don’t even care whether the student gains knowledge or not, there is also less interaction between students and lecturers. At the end of the day, students of public universities are more disadvantaged.

One of the best things I love about private universities is that the idea of 3 months holiday does not apply. You can decide to pursue your degree with just 2 years. In short, you can decide how long you want to pursue your degree course, but when it comes to public universities, these institutions decide for you. The most annoying thing is that the long holidays usually extend beyond 3 months, which is annoying. Imagine wasting three months at home doing nothing.

If you want to nurture your talent, private universities are the best institutions to join. Here you are required to balance between class work and extra curricula activities, which lacks in most public universities.

Another wonderful thing about private universities is that they have tried to position themselves as the best destinations for career seekers. Some universities are popular for training the best journalists while others are best for producing the best accountants. For example, Strathmore produces the best accountants, Daystar and USIU produce the best journalists while the University of Eastern Baraton produces the most disciplined graduates. But if you look at public universities, what they do is churn out graduates who don’t even understand themselves.

The last and most important thing about joining private universities is that most of them have connections and collaborations with universities from UK, USA, Canada,Australia etc.Once you are through with your degree, you can easily join such institutions.