Easiest Way to Get a Job in A Kenyan Bank



Kenyan banks employ more than 30,000 Kenyans, where most of the employees work as tellers/cashiers. As you know, banks generally pay well especially if you possess more than 3 years’ experience. Since most of the banks in the country don’t advertise jobs on local dailies and job blogs, there are chances most Kenyans don’t bother seeking employment there. However, there are many ways of joining any local bank as a worker, and here are the tips.

First you should know that, unlike government institutions, banks are somehow transparent in regards to employment. This is the only place where you will be sure of getting a job genuinely. But if you land a graduate clerk position, you will have to work extra hours and be smart in terms of balancing books.

Since you know it’s God who can give you a job in the bank. The first thing to do is to ensure your CV is professionally done. By this I mean, it should be free of errors and contain important skills that banks require. A professional CV must have your personal details, academic and professional qualifications, work experience, and references. If you are a fresh graduate or you don’t possess more than 3 years’ experience, don’t make a mistake of having a Curriculum Vitae of more than 3 pages.

A good curriculum Vitae should be between 2-4 pages and must not contain unnecessary details.

Once you have a professional Censure you understand how to write a cover letter. There are so many Cover Letter samples online, which you can use to as a guide. A cover letter is important because it’s the one the individual shortlisting the applications will use to either qualify or disqualify you.

Having known what is required, you should now consider what technique to use in order to get a banking job. The most common method used by successful job seekers is blind applications. This means as a job seeker you should make several hard copies-cover letter, CV and academic certificates-then drop them at the banks’ headquarters.

There is one thing you should understand here.Don’t make a mistake of dropping your letter at the branch: make sure you deliver your application letter to the headquarter, either through mail or hand delivery. The letter should be addressed to the HR department.

In Kenyan banks, internal job vacancies arise each and every day and in most cases filling up those positions require at most 1 week. So the HR department always turn to their CV database for job applications. If your CV is in their database, you will be surprised by a phone call.

The last option is applying for vacancies advertised on blogs and newspapers. But I will assure you that getting this job is hard because millions of other job seekers also get to see it.Before you consider applying for a job advertised on newspapers and job blogs, make a point of doing blind application.

Kenyan banks don’t discriminate against area of specialization:even if you have a degree in animal husbandry,actuarial science or computer science simply apply.But you should be aware that diploma courses have few chances of securing jobs in this sector.