Kenya Ranked among Top 20 best Tourist Destinations in the world



A new survey ranks Kenya as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, New Zealand tops the list.

The survey featured 20,000 individuals who have travelled globally. The aim was to establish how they felt after visiting those countries. The scores were given, from 0-100.

From the feedback, New Zealand had the highest score of 64 while Kenya scored 40.

Among the things that excited tourists include lifestyle, people and the setting up. Those countries that topped the list had the friendliest people, unique lifestyles and attractive natural features.

Among the countries that were found to be most attractive to tourists include Kenya, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, Singapore,Australia,UK,USA,South Africa and Egypt.

Below is how each country in the list performed.


Country score
New Zealand 64
Canada 60
Singapore 59
Australia 59
Bahrain 56
Taiwan 56
Czech Republic 56
France 55
Thailand 54
Norway 54
Hong Kong 53
Japan 52
Malaysia 52
Oman 51
Austria 51
Switzerland 50
Turkey 50
UAE 50
Mexico 49
Italy 48
South Africa 48
Russia 48
South Korea 48
Vietnam 48
Poland 47
Germany 47
Netherlands 46
Belgium 46
UK 46
Sweden 46
Philippines 46
Ireland 45
United States 45
Kenya 44
Brazil 39
Kuwait 37