Innovative Ways Car Owners in Nairobi Use Their Personal Cars To Reduce Fuel Expenses



Car owners in Nairobi have come up with new innovative ways of reducing fuel expenses. It is estimated that individuals owning personal cars with at most 2,000 CC spend Ksh 300-Ksh1, 000 every day on fuel. Since most of these people earn between Ksh40, 000-Ksh80, 000, it’s hard to use their personal cars on daily basis. Due to fuel costs, the owners have identified ways of reducing the costs.

Jared lives in Tassia and he owns a NOAH. The accountant reveals that his salary is Ksh65, 000, which is not enough to fuel his car for 30 days. Jared decided to ferry passengers every morning and in the evening so that he can get money to fuel his car.

 “I realized I was spending so much money on fuel. I decided to carry passengers from my estate and at the stage. Initially it was hard because I feared I could be hijacked, but with time I started to know the passengers in person, I even knew some names.

My car consumes fuel of between Ksh300-Ksh500 per day. If my car is full with passengers in morning hours and in the evening, I am able to fuel it and remain with at least Ksh300 for service and car wash”, says Jared

Shem, who lives in Uthiru says he took a loan from a local bank and bought a personal car. But after using it for some time, he realized the vehicle was not benefiting him. He decided to have it as TAXI.Shem took his car to UBER,a Taxi management company.

“My friend advised me to take my car to UBER, and I did exactly as he instructed me.Now I am able to repay the loan and remain with at least Ksh20,000 each month. I am actually planning to buy another car and take it to UBER”, Shem explains

Esther lives in Kitengela.He uses his car during the week and on weekends he converts it to a TAXI.

“Every weekend, I have a driver who takes my car and uses it as a TAXI. At the end of the day I receive Ksh2,000-Ksh4,000.This money is enough to fuel my car for a whole week”, Esther says

Even as others use innovative ways to make extra cars, there are others who believe it’s not wise to do so.They argue that their personal safety and comfort is paramount. But the choice is yours.