Shocking! This is What Happens To Your Body When you Eat Pork Meat


pigPork meat is generated from pigs, one of the most controversial animals in the world in regards to healthy benefits drawn from the creatures. The meat can be either harmful or health bonus to your body, but it all depends on the process it undergoes before it finally settles in your body.

We understand sausage is  mouthwatering, it’s sweet and appetizing, but do you know what effects the food has?

To begin with, Tania Sodium found in pork can cause loss of appetite. The most worrying thing is that it can cause fever, myalgia and edema. Profuse sweating occurs in certain parts of the body and chills and migraines are also symptoms of this condition.

Pork contains a lot of bacteria, which are generated from the dirty food the animal eats. When cooking pork, the meat should be cooked on extreme temperature to kill the toxic bacteria.Also,cooking should take at least 1 hour because, as you understand, pork meat takes several minutes to even change the colour to edible state.

Raw pork should not be touched with bare hands, and in case you do that, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands with detergents.Otherwise,you might inherit bacteria from the meat.

When buying pork meat make sure it has not been fed medication, anti-toxins, ractopamine and in-organic compounds. These things can cause cancer, diabetes and many chronic diseases, which are killing millions of humanity.

Many factory farms do not offer clean air for their pigs or sufficient sunlight and clean food, most grains and sludge are tainted with pesticides and poisons. Pigs are fed medication and anti-infection agents as food instead of green grass.

Pork meat is good but fish and chicken meat is always the best alternative. When it comes to your health,you should be careful what you eat because there are diseases you can inherit and live with them forever.

Muslims have a point: they always advice against pork meat, which they say is dirty and its meat is contaminated. They strongly advocate for white meat and vegetables.