Zari Hassan Children (Photos)



Diamond Platnumz’s wife, Zari Hassan,is expecting her fifth child, who will be born in the next 4 months.

The model has 4 children and here are their names: Pinto, Quincy, Didy and Tiffah.She gave birth to three children with her first husband, Ivan Ssemwanga, who she divorced after staying at the marriage for over a decade.

Zari later accepted to be Diamond Platnumz’s wife. Diamond is 10 years younger than Zari..but age is not an issue. In a span of 2 years, the couple is now proud parents of 4 children and an unborn one.

To believe that Zari is a wonderful story to Diamond, the singer has bought her a house in South Africa. Where they will be spending much of their time when Diamond is not busy recording his music.

Below are beautiful photos of Zari’s children