Top 10 best colleges to study Diploma Course if you want to Easily get a job in Kenya



As you know, getting a job in Kenya is as hard as living for 100 years in the modern world. But if you pursue a diploma from a renowned college, the possibility of landing a well-paying job is high. There are colleges in Kenya known for producing the best diploma graduates ,and here are the colleges

1.Utalii College

Utalii College is the best for training hotel and tourism professionals. In fact, it’s better to study at Utalii College than join Kenyan universities for a degree course in tourism and hospitality.

A diploma course from Utalii is enough to give you a job at any institution in the country, especially five star hotels.

  1. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication draws a lot of respect from the media industry. Almost all the top journalists and news anchors in Kenya studied at KIMC, which offers certificates and diploma courses.

Employers know that Kenya Institute of Management produce the best diploma graduates, they can deliberately ignore degree holders and consider KIMC graduates for employment.

  1. Kenya School of Monetary Studies

Kenya School of Monetary Studies is also another reputable college you can acquire your diploma or certificate from. This will help you particularly if you intend to join Central Bank of Kenya as an employee.

  1. Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC)

Every Kenyan knows that if you want to have the best skills in nursing and pharmacy, Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is the best training college to join.

This is a top college and most prestigious in the region in regards to training nurses.

  1. Government Teachers Training Colleges

Government teachers colleges, popularly known as TTC, produce the best and most disciplined P1 teachers. The colleges are spread across all counties and admit teachers each year.

Any Kenyan who is interested in joining the profession would always be encouraged to join any TTC in Kenya.

  1. Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA)

Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA) is the fastest growing college in the country. The training college was incorporated by the Kenya Revenue Authority, and offers tax related courses from certificate level to masters level. If you want to join KRA or any other institution, KESRA is the best place for you.

  1. Co-operative University College of Kenya (CUCK)

There are several nice courses you can study at Co-operative University College of Kenya (CUCK) .And for your information, if you intend to work in a SACCO, pursue cooperative management courses at CUCK because it’s the only college known for producing the best professionals in this line.

  1. Kenya Institute of Management (KIM)

Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) is also among the top rated colleges in Kenya. KIM offers the best management and monitoring and Evaluation training courses. A diploma from KIM is more powerful than a degree from MKU.

  1. Amref Health Africa Training

If you want to be an M&E officer, then AMREF is the best place to train.

  1. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS)

Diploma in business management and other business related courses are offered at NIBS. This school offers the best training at diploma level.