See A Lady With Biggest and Fattest Breasts in the World (photos)



This Nigerian lady, referred as HaruHi MiWaKo, has been identified as one with the biggest and fattest breasts in the world. HaruHi has done everything to reduce the size of her breasts but in vain: each day the breasts enlarge, thus giving the beautiful 21-year-old sleepless nights.

The breast are so big to the point of restricting her movement-she can barely walk for 300 metres. She is also unable to bend because the moment she tries,the breasts touch the ground.

The Nigerian is now hopeless, but has decided to seek advice from her fans. Here is her story.

“Hello you,

    Thank you for showing interest in me. Now let me tell you something about me. I am HaruHi MiWaKo (Himiwako) and am blessed by Mother Nature to look the way that I do. I enjoy life and I hope you do too! Gaming, anime, playing the violin and piano are amongst the favourite things I like to do. What I like doing most is making people smile, just by walking down the street, or by playing games with an audience.

    My growth started March 2013 and it has been growing in varying stages throughout the years. It does not bother me that they are this huge, they are healthy and that’s what matters. Back pain is something I do not suffer from, and I do wear custom bra’s, so shopping for lingerie is quite the challenge. I hope you folks will follow me on my journey through life and I wish you get some insight in what it’s like to live with the genetic gifts that have been given to me.”