These are The Comments Ugly men Get When They Upload Their Photos on Facebook


manIt is hard for people to confirm to you that you are ugly, but social media ensures people empty what they feel about you. When an ugly man uploads his photo on Facebook, he receives several comments and likes, which are of course sarcastic.

When you are ugly, you simply have nothing to attract positive comments, instead your fans will comment like this:

That shirt looks good!

Man, when are we meeting for that project?

I like the phone you are carrying

Are you still living in Nairobi?

Enjoy your day

I can see

Are you still in that apartment?




Fully fed!

Now, if you analyze the comments carefully, you will realize that none complements the man’s look, which clearly demonstrates his fans were ashamed to tell him he looks ugly.

If you are an ugly man,ladies won’t comment on your photos-unless it’s your mother,cousins,sisters and relatives.

Ugly people often try as much as possible to have a perfect pose,edit the photo to look better and and tag other people to force them like or comment on their photos.

Ugly people have nothing to lose-even a single comment is enough!