Most Influential  blogs in Kenya



Venas News would like to rank Kenyan blogs based on opinions from Kenyans. We would not dwell much on blogs owned by mainstream media houses, which are popular by virtue of being the main source of news in the country.

In 2016, over 200 new blogs emerged but none was able to beat the old and influential ones. We, therefore, wish to rank blogs according to categories and niche.


Ghafla has dominated the industry for more than a decade but it’s dominance has been threatened by the entry of and, which are maximizing the use of social media and Google to advertise their brands. Even so, is still the most influential entertainment blog: its brand is so powerful that half of local entertainment blogs refer for news.


Bikozulu is owned by a very eloquent Luo by the name Jackson Biko.Many Kenyans, including Wanja Kavengi,have tried to imitate Biko’s style of writing but they have always fallen on themselves.Biko remains the king up until a more creative personality emerges.


This is another blog which makes at least Ksh250,000 per month.Kenyamoja has stories top blogs in Kenya, which include entertainment,jobs,news,technology,business and sports. No other blog can be more influential than Kenyamoja, though is trying.

4.Daily Post Kenya

This is the most entertaining blog in Kenya.f ceases to exist, more than 100 blogs will also collapse indefinitely. Kenyan post feeds thousands of families but I guess the owner, who is Rioba Obare is not aware.

The blog targets teenagers and mature people who are mostly bored during working hours.

5.A Collection of Jobs in Kenya:

We have to give this website credit. New Kenyanjobs has lived to the expectations of job seekers by making available latest job vacancies in Kenya, even on weekends.

We have established that at least 7 job sites in Kenya pull job posts from this site, meaning that if the site terminates its activities, more than 5 other sites will automatically die.


Softkenya is a king in its niche. There are over 10 websites trying to do what Softkenya has already done but those website have failed to catch up.

This website does a lot of research and they don’t just rite for the sake of making money but to provide information, which is why it has survived the online storm.


Check lists different car models in Kenya and their costs. Details of these cars are obtained from various car bazaar.In this category, no other website can beat Cheki.


BuyrentKenya is owned by Jamie Pujara, who is also listed by forbes as one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Africa. The website links apartment owners to individual anting to let them. There are also plots, mansions, offices and other property listed in the website.

  1. Techweez

If you need any information regarding latest smartphones in Kenya, rush to Technweez.This website has remained afloat for some time, implying readers are impressed with the information on it.

We cannot talk of Masho and Tuko because the websites advertises a lot, which makes it hard to determine whether they are popular or not. If they are left to grow for themselves, we can determine how popular they are.

Of course Venas News is influential in its own way but we can’t rank ourselves. We decided to have zero presence on social media but our brand is growing.