“I Will Never Date a Kisii Man Again”,Kikuyu Lady Dares After Meeting a Monster in Bed



A Kikuyu lady by the name Njoki regrets allowing a Kisii man into her bed.This is the shocking story of Njoki,who swears not to date a Kisii man again.

“It was on Friday evening and this Kisii man who I only know as Mogaka invited me for dinner. We ate and drank until 12 am when he proposed that I have a rest at his house.

He begged and begged until I sympathized with him.I told him a single sh@t was enough for the night, he said “Okay”.

It took 3 minutes to prepare myself for him and after letting him do the work, I couldn’t imagine how “hardworking he was”, the man had extremely long tail, which was also very hard. The first sh@t ended within two minutes, and I thought he was satisfied. Then the second, third, fourth in quick succession. I thought the game was over until he said, “I am almost half way”. I pushed him with maximum force and put on my [email protected] don’t even know where I put the money he gave me.

I have slept with over 103 men but this one was too much. I swear I can’t allow a Kisii man to sweat on me again!